Since the article in Handloader magazine came out, I received may questions regarding support for the older RCBS presses, specifically the RC 2.

While it is not 100% ready to sell, I wanted to share a few pics and show everybody how it will most likely look like. The core version is very similar to the factory one with two major modifications.

The first modification being the tube connector so the primers can be collected in the tube or be directed directly into the trash bin.

The second one is the higher wall in front to prevent primers from jumping over the rim

The third modification is a slope in the primer tray bottom so some of them will fall down automatically and for the remaining ones, it is an easy push down to the tube.

And here are some pictures (the catcher is actually green, I have not figured out yet why the camera makes such a nice Dillon color out of it...

Any comments and/or suggestions are greatly appreciated and welcome!


 20170107 170130 20170107 170201 20170107 170325